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Jose Simon Elarba

Personal Overview

About Jose Simon Elarba

Based out of Venezuela, Jose Simon Elarba is an experienced lawyer who has made a name for himself working with clients all over the world. His firm offers a plethora of services, including negotiations, international relations, corporate law, family law, and merchant law, among others. Though he has many reasons to love his career as a lawyer, what he most values is the opportunity to help improve his clients’ lives and work towards finding them justice. 

In his personal life, Jose Simon Elarba has developed a great interest in sustainability and eco-conscious causes. He has most recently been taken with the concept of green cities—urban centers created with social, economic, environmental impact, and resilient habitats in mind. These sustainable cities decrease the ecological footprint for existing populations, without compromising future generations’ ability to prosper. 

Jose Elarba is also passionate about the culinary world, specifically wine and how to properly pair a good bottle with the right meal. To gain more knowledge regarding Jose Simon Elarba’s interests and passions, make sure you read his blog.